CWEA members being honored with the 5S designation at AC 2018.

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CWEA provides value to its wastewater professionals. Over 10,000 members are currently benefiting from the following services provided by CWEA.

  • Opportunities for professional growth: Through the Technical Certification Program (TCP), wastewater professionals receive certification in any (or all) of six disciplines: Collections System Maintenance; Laboratory Analysis; Mechanical Technology; Electrical & Instrumentation; Environmental Compliance Inspection; and Industrial Waste Treatment Operation.
  • Education & Training: To assist in advancing and fine-tuning the knowledge and skills wastewater professionals need, CWEA offers numerous outstanding educational events across the State as well as at the regional and Local Section levels.
  • Networking: Through specialty conferences, Board meetings, and certification trainings, wastewater professionals can connect with one another and keep updated about all aspects of the industry.
  • Publications – E-bulletin & Clean Water Magazine:
    • The monthly electronic E-Bulletin is filled with news and information about CWEA and its members. It is emailed to all members and is available online.
    • The Clean Water magazine prints quarterly and is a noted resource for a variety of articles relevant to the wastewater treatment industry, including technical articles to keep you in-the-know about current research.
  • Discounts on Printed Publications: Members are now able to access handbooks and study guides free.
  • Opportunities for Recognition (Awards Program): Professional accomplishments can be recognized at the Local Section and State levels.
  • Professionalism: CWEA membership demonstrates commitment and dedication to the wastewater treatment industry and professional growth.

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