2019 RES Awards Banquet

CWEA members being honored with the 5S designation at AC 2018.

Join us for our Awards Banquet!

Friday, January 18th

We are trying something new this year and moving our Annual Section Awards Banquet to January 18, 2019 to put our Section timing more in line with the other state sections.

At the Annual Awards Banquet, there will be special raffle prizes for award nominators this year!  The more nominations you turn in, the more chances you get to win raffle prizes!

Local Section Awards are:

Collection System of the Year – small, medium, large
Collection System Person of the Year
Community Engagement & Outreach Person of the Year
Community Engagement & Outreach Program of the Year
Electrical Instrumentation Person of the Year
Engineering Achievement
Laboratory Person of the Year
Mechanical Technician of the Year
Operator of the Year
Outstanding Young Professional of the Year
P3S Person of the Year
Plant of the Year – small, medium, large
Research Achievement
Safety Plant of the Year
Supervisor of the Year

Additional Section Awards not on the State Website (submit nominations directly to Garrett by December 10):

Murray McKinney Award  This award, established in 1975, shall include a $100 cash award. This is awarded to an Operator-in-Training or a Grade I Operator to help pay for their further education. The recipient does not have to be an Association Member but must be a subscriber to the Section.

Stan Roskowski Award for Outstanding Service to the RES

There are also other State-level awards for which you can be a nominator.  Those award categories can be found on the application website above.


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